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REX Vintage Store tasked us with developing an original and easy to navigate eCommerce platform. We used a minimal canvas to inspire and present a mash-up vintage wardrobe, inspired by Cher’s closet organiser in the movie Clueless.

To showcase each “Edit”, an outfit made of individual garments, we developed a custom template. By displaying each piece on a single “Edit” page we allowed for a straightforward add to basket functionality.

Rex Vintage Store


We made certain the REX Vintage Store website is adaptable to various devices, while staying consistent with the theme of the desktop design.


Dazze have been beyond helpful throughout the whole process of Rex – from its early inception to any additions that were realised post-launch of the site. I trust what they say and very much admire their professionalism.

Ruth Hickman – Founder
REX Vintage Store


A website that loads fast provides better user experience, and a satisfying user experience leads to higher conversions.

REX Vintage Store has been optimised to load, on average, under 1 second per page. That is faster than approximately 80% of all the websites out there.